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One of the great difficulties I have with running a campaign is organization and planning. This is a place for that purpose.

From players and visitors alike, I welcome whatever comments and advice you can offer, both on the campaign and the website. From the players, I also encourage you to add your own comments and entries to the Adventure Log or anything else you see fit to add. I want this to be a dynamic campaign.

For the public: the players in this game are all “henchmen” (like Odd Job and Jaws in the James Bond movies) who are seeking employment from supervillains. The Henching Hand is a temporary agency for henchmen, pairing them up with likely employers. Several different people in my group serve as GMs, letting the characters play in whichever game they want to. (That’s why I call this “Hoyle’s Henchmen”, to distinguish this from the other GM’s games.)

  • Character Creation Description of character creation options.
  • Optional Rules
  • PCs Basic information about the PCs. Character sheets may be found in the Characters section.
  • NPCs Public information about the NPCs. Character sheets may be found here; many of them will be GM-info only.
  • Places Public information about the places in this campaign.
  • Adventure Log What’s happening in the campaign. I wouldn’t mind if players posted their own entries or comments, in character or out of character,

Hoyle's Henchmen

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