Hoyle's Henchmen

Welcome to Superior City!
"Not As Much Super-Powered Destruction As Gotham City Or Metropolis!"


The characters were sent by the Henching Hand to work for a client in Superior City, whose name is Death’s-Head. According to the Henching Hand, Death’s-Head is the new master criminal in town. They did not have any information about other superheroes or supercriminals in the city. They met with Death’s-Head at his headquarters, the Moth Mansion. Their job was to steal a rare type of silk cocoon (spun by the rare Cloth-of-Gold silkworm) from the Superior City Botanical Gardens. The cocoons are the property of the multi-millionaire philanthropist, Lee P. Doptera.

Before the caper commenced, the group decided to deviate from Death’s-Head’s plans and decided to substitute cotton balls spray-painted gold for the real cocoons. DH then informed them that he would be observing their work from his Mothcopter (as this was a temp-to-perm opportunity), though he did let them use the Mothmobile for the job. Half the henchmen went to the Botanical Gardens while the other half went in search of cotton balls and gold spray-paint.

The henchmen who went to the gardens soon encountered the Insect Liberation Front (ILF), who had come to liberate the silkworms from their crass exploitation. The rest of the Henchmen arrived during the battle (in a stolen ‘63 Dodge Charger), and quickly defeated the ILF. Just as they arrived, the superhero known as the Red Bee arrived and took on the entire group singlehanded. This turned out to be a bad idea, as he was thoroughly trounced. The Henchmen returned to the Moth Mansion and presented the gold cotton balls to DH, who was well-pleased.

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